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“Failed State” is an expression commonly used to emphasize, internationally, that the government of a state is not able to keep the country stable anymore, both politically and financially, generating problems that, in extreme cases, can cross the borders. Currently, it is possible to know the stability information of a state by the Fragile States Index, which takes into consideration high criminal rates, extreme corruption, bureaucratic judicial system, military intervention into politics, among other points. Regionally, a Failed State is a threat for the stability of the region, once interdependency and integration among countries, i.e. a single state, due to internal problems, can be the main responsible for the emergence of a social, humanitarian or/and political crisis in a region. Additionally, some states lost their capacity to control the national order, creating an empty space for the emergence of extremist and terrorist groups, so as in Philippines, Syria, Yemen and many others. Due to all these points, the subject will be covered by the United Nations Security Council, organ of United Nations charged with ensuring international peace and security, such as authorize military and peacekeeping missions around the globe. In the V IBMR MUN, the UNSC's works will turn to:

Agenda A: The Situation in Mali

Agenda B: The Situation in Myanmar 

Agenda C: The Situation in Philippines 

Rayane Martins (International Affairs, IBMR) - General Director
Priscilla Keller (International Affairs, IBMR) - Deputy Director
Amanda Bárbara (International Affairs, IBMR) - Deputy Director
Brenda Rafaelly (International Affairs, IBMR) - Deputy Director

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